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Professionally produced Social Media Action Plan designed to provide an easy to understand roadmap and strategy for the development and execution of themes, tools, campaigns, and posts for social media achieving your business and brand goals for success. A Blue Artists Producer will consult with you directly to identify, organize, and strategize your unique plan.

This service is FREE for All Blue Artists Plus Members biannually!

Your Social Media Action Plan is designed to provide you with a comprehensive plan that you can follow directly or provide for your current Social Media Representative or Manager (on our team or not). Our Social Media Content Marketing, Representative and Management services are listed below, and your Action Plan is designed to provide a thorough strategy for your preferred solution.

Social Media Content Marketing (Learn More)
Professionally produced Content Marketing for your social media account designed to provide fresh curated content of interest to your audience every Monday through Friday throughout your subscription. Social Media Content Marketing is an important part of a burgeoning Social Media Marketing strategy because it quickly engages your audience daily, turning your brand into a trusted resource around which an audience may grow. Based on the strategy outlined in your Social Media Action Plan, included for free for all Blue Artists Plus Members, Content Marketing is the perfect way to begin building an audience around your brand while quickly expanding your reach through social media. Content is produced weekly, with one fresh headline or relevant article, blog, or news story featured daily Monday through Friday.

Social Media Representative (Learn More)
A social media account representative will manage your social media strategy and implementation for the term of one or six months (save 25%) with three social media posts per week on one social media platform plus account moderation at least once per week.

Social Media Management (Learn More)
A producer will manage your social media strategy and implementation for the term of six months. This service includes an initial Social Media Strategy Consultation where a producer will discuss content strategy, walkthroughs for services like Facebook, and Google Photo Album for candid photos and videos. Our team will represent your account and post on behalf of your business sharing highly relevant and fresh content and implementing a UTM strategy.

If necessary, basic custom images will be provided when needed. If your social media strategy includes community groups, our team will create and moderate on your behalf. Advertising campaigns will be strategized, setup, and implemented on your behalf to achieve website conversions and “hits” or “likes” for community pages. This service is highly complex and involves working with primary platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as well as additional platforms per request.
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