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Greetings and Welcome to Blue Artists!

We are so excited that you are interested in working with us to build and expand your brand! As a member, you’ll enjoy incredible benefits such as interest-free financing on the services that matter most to you (service fees apply), executive growth and social media strategy, and a robust administrative infrastructure. Additionally, you’ll enjoy exclusive discounts and credits to ensure that you are saving as much money and resources as possible!

To get things started, please review and authorize our membership proposal by clicking the button below. Please note, memberships registered after the 15th of the month will begin at the beginning of the following month. Once you’ve become a member, you can upgrade or downgrade to another membership level at any time.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

Your Friends,

Your membership includes:

  • Brand Guide Development
  • Social Media Action Plan
  • Executive Action Plan

  • Optional Credit Line
  • Interest Free Financing
  • No Credit Check


  • Annual Web Domain
  • Website Support
  • Technical Assistance
  • Virtual Assistance

  • Monthly Public Relations
  • Unlimited Design Revisions

  • Up to $160 per order
  • Plus 10% off per order
  • Discounted Subscriptions

Total Monthly Value: $850+
Your Premium Membership
Would you like to add a Credit Line to take advantage of interest free financing?


$2,000 credit line


per month

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$5,000 credit line


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$8,000 credit line


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$12,000 credit line


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  1. No Credit Line
Would you like to add a discounted service subscription?

Support Hours

15 hours per month


save 46% per month

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Social Media

content marketing


save 74% per month

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Social Media



save 46% per month

  1. Subscribe

Social Media



save 37% per month

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Monthly PR

served a la carte



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Professional SEO

8 hours per month


save 37% per month

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Business SEO

15 hours per month


save 29% per month

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Premium SEO

26 hours per month


save 23% per month

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Your Total Monthly Payment
Is your payment over $380? Receive the best value from our Elite Membership.
Benefits include Social Media Representation, Social Media Content Marketing, and the most discounts for maximum savings. Click to review.
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About Us

Blue Artists is a creative agency that believes strongly in the inspirational power of great stories; we aim to collaborate with amazing people to tell first-rate stories that can shape the future of their brand by inspiring their audience and themselves.

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Our monthly membership service is built to meet your ongoing creative service needs while providing instant access to top-tier project and asset development. Consider our membership plan as your one-stop creative oasis to help you realize your vision for your brand. Learn More!

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