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About Our Team

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Our mission is to help powerful and visionary people build distinguished
brands that inspire and engage their growing audience.

Our vision is to cultivate a community of motivated
individuals who bring lasting value to the world.
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Awards & Nominations

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Customer & Audience Feedback

Shout out to Blue Artists!!!! They are an amazing creative agency that is awesome at helping you build your brand!! Very professional, excellent quality, and the best customer service!!!I highly recommend them if you are in need!!!!

Kenya Conway-Jones
Motivational Speaker & Author
I want to thank you and the Blue Artists team: Pierre, Brittany, Jeff, Winnie, and everyone else. You guys have been more than motivating to me. It means a lot to have a genuine team helping support and execute visions. My professional membership is going a long way for $49! Readily available to talk whenever I need to! The team never make me feel as if I am a burden. I really appreciate all that Blue Artists does.

Tia Reynolds, Owner
Serene Workspace Design
I love you ALL so much! That’s the edge that Blue Artists has. Your movement is rooted in a sense of deep, genuine, consistent care. Like good parenting!! You guys are passionate about and committed to growing strong, valuable brands that make a difference in the world. And that’s BIG!! It’s Brand Building with a pulse…with a heart. It’s how you create something that lasts and is continuously impactful!!

Dr. Lola Thompson, Owner
Boundless Education
Dear Pierre,

Matthew and I can't thank you enough for our beautiful photographs and video! Working with your photographers/videographers was truly an honor and such a treat! You and your team went above and beyond to memorialize our day! Our photos/Video are perfect Perfect PERFECT, and thanks to you, we have beautiful keepsakes of our day! You and your team are extremely professional, precise and succinct. Facebook does not provide the platform to truly say all the lovely things we’d love to say about working with you and your team.

We truly appreciate you and the work you did for our special day. We plan to work with you in the future!

God Bless you!

Love, the Blairs!
“It was a real pleasure to work with the cast and crew of Table One Production. It gave me an opportunity to expose my talent on camera and experience the ambiance of a video shoot. I was really impressed by the director's creativity with the theme and his ability to visualize how the music video should be performed.”

Leslie Green, Actress
“This my first ever production experience and I must say it was a great one! Everyone was very much involved, professional, excited, energetic. The director was very helpful, easy to work with and all around great guy. I would LOVE to work with him again. Ms. Laura was very warm hearted, easy to talk to and just all around a beautiful person. I learned so much from this experience and I am still very grateful that I was chosen to be a part of the crew “

Martricia Carroll, Actress
“It was wonderful working with Pierre and Laura. Pierre is a great director and Laura is an amazing singer. They both obviously had a vision for what they wanted to see and how to make it come to fruition. Being a part of that vision felt rewarding and exciting. Pierre shared a thought with us on the first day of shooting: he said that he believes in Karma and how when you do good things and help people with their dreams, that good energy returns to you. I agree with that line of thinking”

TJ (Tommy Baggett), Actor
“I worked with Pierre in the Blue Artists’ film, Greener by the Day. He is very professional, a hard worker, a great role model, and an amazing person who was always willing to go that extra mile for me. He is very dedicated to his work and career. I would work with Pierre on any other project.”

Paulina Rios, Actress
“Pierre is an artist who can capture your vision and concept and turn it into stunning video. He is a pleasure to work with, patient while keeping the timeframe and budget in mind. Pierre delivers on time and on budget.”

Bryant Taylor, Communication Director
Allegheny West Conference
“Working with Pierre Walters was truly an amazingly great experience. His work ethic and professionalism is remarkable and I would recommend anyone to hire him for video/film production. I had no complaints with the quality of work performed or the time in receiving the finished product.”

Jermaine Dent, Chief Operating Officer
Day 1 Productions
“Pierre Walters is a highly conscientious professional who is relentless in trying to achieve the best possible result with every project. He has a rare combination of attention to detail and creativity that makes him successful as both an artist and business person. He is a demanding person––of himself and the people he works with and for––but I’ve found that only serves to raise the level of everyone’s game.”

Neil Conway, Actor/Producer
“Pierre Walters is a creative individual. I have worked with him making music videos and feature films. Pierre is driven and focused in all the projects he undertakes. One of the most important things about Pierre is that whatever he starts comes to fruition.”

Paul Edwardson, Owner
Coatwolf Productions
“What first drew me to work with Pierre (and subsequently Blue Artists) was Pierre’s eye for both originality and detail. Passion is a word thrown around too much in this industry, but Piere has it in abundance along with a strong support network that will continue to help push his work to new levels.”

Stuart Evans, Screenwriter
Conflict Scripts
“I have had the honor to work with Mr. Walters on a film. He provided me with great input for my performance. He was kind and understanding and particularly patient. I believe the final product was a well done and creative film, unique in its style and poignant in its subject.”

Robert Woodruff, Actor
“Pierre impresses me as someone who stays on top of his game. He is passionate about life and the work he takes on. He is always a professional and a pleasure to work with.”

David Brillhart, Director & Cinematographer
Maranatha Volunteers International
“Pierre is a wonderful and talented Producer. His projects are professionally run and the finished product is beautiful. He treats everyone with respect and dignity, which makes his crew happy and productive.”

Angie Ennis, Real Estate Agent II
The City of Baltimore
“Confident, solid, production, professional.”

Ralph Jean-Pierre, Assistant Editor
Henry Danger
“Pierre is an easy person to work with. When working with him you quickly realize that videography and film production is his passion. He does great work and completes projects on time.”

Rich DuBose, Director of Church Support Services
Pacific Union Conference
“I had the opportunity to see Pierre's work as an actor in a movie I was producing and thought he had very solid acting skills and great stage presence. Later on we connected and was impressed by his work ethic and dedication to his craft as a director and producer.”

Fernando Beltran, CEO
Identika, LLC
“I've had the pleasure of working with Pierre for a little over two years as a freelancer for Blue Artists. I am constantly impressed by his drive and attention to detail he puts into all of the projects he undertakes. He is open to collaboration and brings a relaxed, yet focused demeanor to each shoot. He puts in long hours without complaining because that's just part of the job. However, he is very jovial with his cast and crew, creating a positive environment for creativity and productivity. Whatever his vision is for Blue Artists and the rest of his career, I know that it will all work together for his good.”

Yannick Skerritt, Associate Segment Producer
Monumental Sports & Entertainment
“Pierre is a great person to be on a team with. We worked together on a Visitor Magazine project and I enjoyed his enthusiasm, professionalism and great ideas!”

Michelle Bernard, Digital Media Coordinator
Columbia Union Conference

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